At COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, the Climate Action Reserve and The Climate Registry continued their long tradition of co-hosting a delegation bringing together together bipartisan leaders from US states, corporations, NGOs, and tribal nations to highlight subnational climate policy, innovation, and action.

The Reserve-TCR joint delegation’s Pathways to 1.5 Pavilion focused on North American climate leadership. Pavilion panels and discussions highlighted critical topics, such as state and federal collaboration, building and deploying technologies to reach net zero, decarbonizing energy, zero emissions transportation, carbon pricing leadership, increasing resilience, local climate action through an equity lens, climate investments, and the potential from agriculture. Thank you to our delegates and sponsors for contributing to the success of COP26.

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The Climate Registry and Climate Action Reserve to Bring Largest U.S. Subnational Delegation Ever to COP26​

LOS ANGELES, California – October 27, 2021 – The Climate Registry (TCR) and the Climate Action Reserve (Reserve) are hosting the largest bipartisan delegation of U.S. states ever at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Glasgow, Scotland. The delegation also includes six governors — the largest number of governors ever attending COP. States with governors or other officials attending include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington.

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Reserve-TCR COP26 event recordings

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Quotes from U.S. Governors participating in COP26

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to effectively mitigate climate change. The actions we take in the next five years will determine the fate of our species. That’s why I’m leading a global coalition of governors and mayors to go beyond pledges. At Glasgow, we will chart a path to make tangible, meaningful progress to slash greenhouse gas emissions. We know we need to cut emissions in half by 2030 and get to net-zero by 2050. Now is the time for leaders to buckle down and get it done.”– Gov. Jay Inslee, State of Washington

“The time for bold, decisive and equitable action on climate is now, and that requires that everyone come to the table. I am proud to represent the United States alongside other national leaders on the world stage as together, we push toward solutions to the most pressing issue of our time.”– Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, State of New Mexico

“Last summer was the hottest on record in Oregon, and prior to that we were hit by unseasonably harsh ice and wind storms. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t take immediate action. We are working to lead the way in Oregon, but this is a problem that knows no borders. It’s up to all of us at COP26 to do something about climate change, and to build a more just and equitable future for all.”– Gov. Kate Brown, State of Oregon

“As a state surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Hawaiʻi is on the forefront of the climate crisis. Our communities are vulnerable to the effects of sea-level rise and erosion, which threaten our homes and way of life. Hawaiʻi has aggressively fought to combat the climate crisis – but we know there is still more to be done. I look forward to working with other leaders at COP26 to go all in to address the climate crisis and create a better future for ourselves, and our keiki (children).”– Gov. David Ige, State of Hawaiʻi

“We can’t outrun or hide from climate change. The time for action is now. We’re making progress in Illinois: I recently signed comprehensive, equitable, nation-leading climate legislation into law. But we must take the next step together and push for action on the world stage. I’m proud to represent Illinois and the Midwest at COP26 and eager to promote the international action needed to combat the climate crisis.”

– Gov. JB Pritzker, State of Illinois

“No state in our nation is more affected by climate change than Louisiana, but we are also strongly positioned to be part of the solution to the problems facing our world. In Glasgow, we will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, representing different governments, but also corporations and different sectors of the clean energy movement. I want world leaders to know that Louisiana has a workforce that makes essential products that drive the global economy, and a workforce that is ready to make those products but with a greater reduced carbon footprint. We will focus on securing new investments for economic development, job creation and greenhouse gas reductions to navigate through the energy transition and to a better, cleaner future.”– Gov. John Bel Edwards, State of Louisiana