Anticipation and expectations are running high for COP26. There is no time to waste on the road to net zero, and we need more collaboration than ever in order to scale solutions and accelerate action. In support of this, The Climate Registry and the Climate Action Reserve are continuing their long tradition of co-hosting a COP delegation that brings together bipartisan leaders from US states, corporations, NGOs and tribal nations to highlight subnational climate policy, innovation and action.

At COP26, the Reserve and TCR will also co-host a pavilion focused on North American net-zero leadership. Pavilion activities will align with and support the goal of the Race to Zero campaign: shifting to a decarbonized economy in support of the Paris Agreement. The pavilion is expected to host events and discussions on critical net-zero topics, such as healthy and resilient communities, clean energy jobs, urban mobility, carbon removal technologies, net-zero goal setting and pathways, enabling innovation, decarbonizing transportation, regional collaborations, natural and working lands, climate finance and sustainable investment and optimizing policies at national and subnational levels. We hope you can join us for what is expected to be a landmark COP.


Participating in COP provides an excellent opportunity to learn, collaborate, network, and build relationships with climate leaders and activists throughout the world.


Your sponsorship will play a critical role in supporting the preparations, planning, and implementation of delegation activities at COP25.

“Climate change leads to more drought, fires and floods, threatens our health and wellbeing, and poses huge risks to our economy. We want to show the rest of the world that we can reduce emissions, make our state more climate resilient, and make our economy more prosperous and equitable. We will continue to work with businesses and other governments to carry on the fight against climate change.”

Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board

“The ideas shared and connections made at COP25 will assist our efforts in making Wisconsin not just a national leader, but a global leader in combatting the effects of climate change.”

Mandela Barnes, Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin