Transparency and Data Needs for Jurisdictional Natural Climate Solutions from a Subnational Perspective

Hosted by: Governors’ Climate and Forest Task Force and Climate Action Reserve

Remote sensing technology and transparency in best-in-class data is of critical importance to decisionmakers in governments, communities, and the private sector. This moderated panel will feature a discussion on how subnational governments and partners of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force can work with data providers to support forest governance and other land-use management efforts.


  • Moderator: Gabriel Penteado – Program Associate, GCF Task Force
  • Tiyua Uyunkar Kaniras, Prefect, Morona Santiago, Ecuador
  • Charlie Heatubun, Head of Regional Research and Innovation Agency, West Papua, Indonesia
  • Amy Kessler, Climate Action Reserve
  • Raymond Song, CTrees
  • Josefina H. Hernández Gómez, Secretary of Ecology and Environment, Quintana Roo, Mexico