Managing the Transition Away from Fossil Fuels. What is Required?

Hosted by: The Climate Center 

The International Energy Agency tells us that staying below 1.5 C is incompatible with any new oil and gas production, but the US, California, and countries around the world continue issuing permits for new drilling. To make the transition national and state governments need detailed transition plans with objectives and milestones phased in to limit the impact on low income people, workers and the economy. The panel will discuss what is working and what is still needed from a number of different sub national and national perspectives.


  • Monique Limón, California State Senator
  • Serena McIlwain, Secretary of the Environment, Maryland Department of Environmental Protection
  • Richard Folland, Head of Policy and Engagement, Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Liane Randolph, Chair, California Air Resources Board
  • Collin Rees, US Program Manager, Oil Change International
  • Moderator: Barry Vesser, Chief Operating Officer, The Climate Center