Implementing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Decarbonize Hard-to-Abate Industrial Sectors

Hosted by: RTI International

To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, groundbreaking technologies are needed to significantly reduce carbon emissions and carbon dependence in hard-to-abate industrial sectors. In this panel session, distinguished experts from both public and private sectors will spotlight the promise and challenges of implementing decarbonization technologies like point source and direct air capture of CO2, alongside production of blue and green hydrogen and ammonia. Discover how these advancements pave the way for commercially viable solutions crucial in our battle against climate change.


  • Moderator: David Dausch, Senior Director, Technology Advancement and Commercialization, RTI International
  • Neva Espinoza, Vice President - Energy Supply and Low-Carbon Resources, EPRI
  • Frederik Majkut, Senior Vice President, Carbon Solutions, SLB
  • Dr. Sameer Parvathikar, Director Renewable Energy and Energy Storage, RTI International
  • Dr. Candace Vahlsing, Senior Policy Advisor, US Agency for International Development