Accelerating Transport Electrification: Results, Progress, and Challenges

Hosted by: Uber

This panel will discuss results thus far from the transportation sector on the road to net zero emissions. As industry and governments alike attempt to transition vehicles and fleets to more sustainable energy sources, as well as invest in sustainable mobility systems that can more equitable, efficiently, and accessibly serve customers there are a solutions that may be logical for one sector, yet in not doable by the other. Panelists will discuss ideas that can work for all sectors, and at the same time be in the best interest of the public good.


  • Adam Gromis, Director Global Sustainability Policy, Uber
  • Angela Hultberg, Global Director Sustainability, Kearney
  • Tim Dallmann, International Partnerships Program Lead, ICCT
  • Chris Hook, Head Strategy & Planning, Global Sustainability, Uber