What Data Say: A Look at the (Just?) Transition to a Greener Economy

When policymakers describe the just transition to a greener economy, they often point to job training programs and social protections as key policy levers to use in that pursuit. Seven years post-Paris, what empirical data do we have about how these transitions look in practice and how the transition impacts people along gender and age? Are green transitions accelerating, decelerating, or in reverse at the country level? Given COP27’s focus on implementation and EPI’s interest in supporting these transitions through human-centered approaches, this side event will examine new data and provide participants an opportunity to share how they see the data manifest in real life.


  • Sue Duke, Vice President and Global Head of Public Policy & Economic Graph, LinkedIn
  • Frank Siebhern-Thomas, Head of Fair, Green, and Digital Transitions, Research Unit, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
  • Melisande Liu, Program Officer, Clean Energy Ministerial
  • Mathieu Prin, Global Coordinator, Energy Efficiency, International Energy Agency
Organized by LinkedIn