Unusual Suspects: Innovative Technology Opportunities for City Decarbonization

This panel will explore how technologies such as carbon capture and local circular economy, energy storage, fuel cells, hydrogen and more can help decarbonize our urban infrastructure. With smart investments, policy and deployment of these solution – we can increase the resilience of critical institutions in the urban environment, such as government buildings, hospitals and schools. We can start at the city level to contribute to the scale of emissions reductions that are needed to meet our 2050 net-zero goals. Join us for the discussion on how an innovative and broad portfolio of technology solutions, as well as strategic public-private partnerships, will be at the heart of a successful urban decarbonization strategy.



  • Heather Reams, President, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum
  • Anna Pavlova, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Development, CarbonQuest
  • Jason Few, CEO, FuelCell Energy
  • Chris Neidl, Open Air Collective and Carbon 180
Organized by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy