The Role of Youth, Gender, and Islands in Just & Resilient Global Futures: Amplifying Marginalized Voices for Positive Climate Impact

Those least responsible for the climate crisis are also often the most impacted by it. Youth, women and island nations are courageously calling for climate justice. Join Maya Morsy, President of Egypt’s National Council for Women, and other champions in a moderated conversation led by Amanda Ellis, Former UN Ambassador and Former Lead Gender Specialist at the World Bank, to hear about actions calling for inclusive representation on the rights of present and future generations to be protected from climate change.


  • Maya Morsey, President, The National Council for Women in Egypt, World Economic Forum
  • Tagaloa Cooper, Director of the Climate Change Resilience Programme, SPREP
  • Steven Hartman, Founding Executive Director UNESCO BRIDGES, ASU
  • Shristi Adhikari, Youth Ambassador & Spokesperson, SheChangesClimate
  • Hailey Campbell, Co-Executive Director, Care About Climate
  • Catherine Mwangi, COP 27 Project Manager, Children's Investment Fund Foundation
  • (Moderator) Amanda Ellis, Former UN Ambassador & Senior Director, ASU
ASU Global Futures Lab