Role of the Private Sector, Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations in Accelerating and Scaling Methane Abatement Efforts in Developing Countries

The panel discussion will bring together representatives from bilateral, multilateral, and philanthropic organizations to reflect on actions they have taken one year after the launch of the Global Methane Pledge and discuss their plans to accelerate and scale methane abatement efforts in developing countries. This discussion will provide an opportunity for the audience, particularly those from Lower- and Middle-Income Countries, to learn about methane abatement actions taken by the donor community, and to identify potential areas for collaboration with external partners.


  • Rick Duke, US Deputy Special Envoy on Climate, US Department of State (Moderator)
  • Gillian Caldwell, Chief Climate Officer, USAID
  • Martina Otto, Head of Climate and Clean Air Coalition Secretariat, CCAC, UNEP
  • Pathy Rhee, Chief Partnership Office, Global Methane Hub
  • Gareth Phillips, Climate and Environment Finance Division Manager, African Development Back
  • Jo Puri, Associate Vice President, IFAD
Organized by Abt Associates