Innovation, a prerequisite for a successful energy transition

Rich in natural resources, Québec is also rich in innovative companies. In this panel, we’ll hear from 3 pioneers who were ahead of their time in terms of environmental and social consciousness. We’ll discuss doing a 180 in terms of business model, implementing a completely new way of looking at long term development, and developing projects with local communities. Join us to discover innovations in traceability, infrastructure, and recycling.


  • Mr. Benoit Charette, Québec Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks
  • Mr. Jean Luc Lavergne, CEO, Lavergne
  • Mr. Olivier Joyal, Business Line Executive, Environment, Executive Vice President
  • Mr. Louis Roy, CEO & President, Optel Group
  • Mrs. Marie-Eve Jan, Vice President, Exportations, Investment Québec (Moderator)
Organized by Government of Québec – Investment Québec International