Identifying the 10 “Must Have” Targets and “Must Do” Actions for a Thriving Tomorrow

What are the planetary-scale, must-have transformations for global society to halt and reverse the course of our unsustainable actions and enable an acceleration toward a society that lives in harmony with Earth’s systems? Answering that question is the purpose of the “10 Must Haves initiative,” driven by the urgency of the crises humankind faces and awareness that we are on a trajectory to miss many existing targets. An outcome of the Global Futures Conference in New York City in September, this report provides an initial effort across 10 foundational areas to help decision makers in both the public and private sectors lead the necessary changes that we know are possible to provide an opportunity for all to thrives.


  • Dr. Peter Schlosser, Vice President and Vice Provost, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, Arizona State University (Earth League)
  • Prof. Johan Rockström, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Earth League)
  • Maja Groff, International lawyer based in The Hague, Convenor of the Climate Governance Commission
  • Dr. Youba Sokona, Special Advisor for Sustainable Development at the South Centre, & former Vice-Chair of the IPCC (2015)
  • Alexandria Villaseñor, Founder & Exec. Dir. At Earth Uprising, & climate justice activist
Organized by ASU Global Futures Lab and Earth League