How Do We Achieve a Just Energy Transition in a Decarbonizing Economy?

As energy sectors around the world transition towards decarbonization, there will continue to be impacts on local communities in terms of access, affordability and costs, jobs created and lost, environmental and health, and more. The energy transition will require careful planning around these communities to ensure the transition is just and equitable. In this session, we bring together thought leadership across different stakeholder groups to discuss what a just energy transition looks like, what barriers there are to success, and how we can overcome these barriers.


  • Candise Henry, RTI International (Moderator)
  • Justin Larson, RTI International
  • Malick Haidara, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Faten Aggad, Africa Climate Foundation
  • Pradeep Tharakan, Asian Development Bank
Organized by RTI International