Decarbonizing Healthcare: a CSO perspective from the Sustainable Markets Initiative

Decarbonizing healthcare is a true win-win for people and the planet, reducing emissions improves global health, reduces the care burden for governments and in many cases reduces costs for industry, it is a must do. This panel will gather high level representatives from the healthcare sector to discuss the need to decarbonize the healthcare sector, the responsibility of healthcare companies and how we could shape the future of SMI through concrete actions in 2023.


  • Judith Wallenstein, BCG
  • Elias Tziambazis, BCG
  • Juliette White, AstraZeneca
  • Jane Rasmussen, NovoNordisk
  • Claire Lund, GSK
  • Sandrine Bouttier-Stref, Sanofi
Organized by BCG